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The Development of an Education Discovery Institute (EDI) to Advance Awareness and Expertise in Health Sciences Education Research


Description: A team of educators and educational researchers was charged with developing an EDI to parallel the institution’s translational science discovery institutes. The EDI consists of a Center of Research in Education (CORE) and a Center of Teaching Excellence (COTE).

What is Interesting: In 2009, the EDI became a reality with program highlights including the 1) educational research consultation service, 2) educational research faculty fellowships, 3) small grants program, 4) educational research seminars, 5) “Education and Treats” (EAT) discussion series, and 6) summer student scholars. The EDI has grown to include a full-time educational researcher and educational research associate, 2 graduated and 3 current faculty fellows, one PhD postdoctoral fellow, and numerous Institutional collaborators. We have submitted more than 30 educational research-focused grant applications, presentations, and publications this year.

How Could it be Implemented: The EDI, a unique model to mentor and value educators by combining education skills faculty development and recognition with scholarship and research already has become a prosperous research entity. The EDI is a model for facilitating culture shift to value education and educational scholarship and research by ”growing” expertise, quality, and productivity in education and educational research. Discussion will include strategies for development and implementation.

Next Steps: Challenges include recruiting faculty desiring an educational research career, finding funding for educational research, and identifying qualified mentors to supervise faculty and students. In 2011, the EDI was charged to become a GHSU-wide endeavor. This charge, an indication of perceived value, creates new opportunities for collaboration and impact, and heightens the importance of addressing the challenges to maximize the opportunity for positive impact.

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